Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I'm going over to mom's tonight for Christmas with my brother.  My Dad's old piano is there along with his guitar.  My Dad tried to teach me how to play when I was little and he would put his hands on my hands and I would get frustrated and smack them away, so he hired a piano teacher for me.  He used to play Debussy to put us to sleep.  This is the last song on the piano that I learned before I decided I was done with my lessons.  It was five pages long and I could play the whole thing by memory.  I've found that when I go to mom's house if I start playing the piano it calms her down a bit and we don't have to talk about her nonsense   I'll practice this again and maybe I can play it by memory again...who knows.  My Dad could play Bach, Chopin, and Debussy..anything really.  When he was in the hospital before we took him home there was a nice nurse there and she was telling me that my Dad was well read.  He could barely speak and while talking to her he suddenly quoted Earnest Hemingway.  She was really nice to him.

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  1. Your dad sounds like an amazing person, and a great father. It must be hard to remember that your mother loves you while there are demons whispering in her ear and talking with her voice. You are such a strong woman, we are in awe of you!