Wednesday, January 9, 2013

End Of Blog....

Well, I surprised myself tonight.  I decided to end this blog.  I came here back to the stl with four garbage bags of clothes and my cat. hippyish of me.  I have everything I need.  I have my family, my church, and my friends.  When my Dad passed I took care of him and I held his hand as he took his last breaths.  I asked him to please watch over me.  He has done just that.  I feel extremely close to him lately like he's right there with me.  He taught me everything I to sing, tie my shoes, spell my name, play piano, and how to laugh when it matters.  I'm going to continue to live exactly as he taught me and how he wants me to live my life.  I am a mini him and he was one of my best friends.  I'm going to be just fine and I have my Dad watching over me to make sure that I'm okay.----GypsyJess


  1. Good luck to you. Enjoyed following your blogs.

  2. Thats sad... I will miss you. Thanks for sharing some with us.

  3. Hey Jess I have the shady 80 as a favorite and had not been there in awhile. Sorry to see you out of Texas but understand what you are saying about the vibe. The desert seems like a place for those in the senior part of life to make some final decisions on their way of life. You being so young have a lot of life in front of you and a lot of working through life's many twists and turns. I am at the other end and am trying to figure out what I want going forward. What ever you do I wish you the best and I am sure you will find your way in life.