Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time To Stop Partying!!!!!

Yesterday was very eventful. I hit the rex plex and worked out hard...hit the hot tub and there was a pervert in sister and I jumped out of the hot tub totally grossed out.  I went to church then I went dancing with my sister and my friend Heather.  The Electric Cowboy is kind of funny because I hate country music.  Even though I lived in Big Bend which is full of cowboys I don't see myself quite as a country girl....however I am so much more red neck coming out of Terlingua.  One time in Terlingua I was cleaning out my purse and I found a bullet. lol!!!  I was like how is there a bullet in my purse? In the middle of dancing and having fun the d.j. will all the sudden play slow country songs and people line dance and I think it's cute in a way...but I'm not used to seeing it...I think it's cute and odd?  I only had one shot and that was perfect for me.  Heather and I went to Denny's afterwards and I didn't get home until 5:00 a.m..  This is all not typical for me.  So, ENOUGH JESSICA!!!!  I whipped out my massage table today.  I ordered massage therapy business cards and I got them in the mail the other day.  This may be just a side thing...we shall see.  It's hard coming out of such an extremely small town to this ginormous city and not knowing your place in it yet.  I know what I used to do, but that was 6 years ago.  So, today I am being proactive.

Car Title Update:  I went to the dealership and talked to another fella.  He said that the owner is in debt with all of these cars like $30,000!!!   He said that there has been people that have been waiting 6 months for their title.  The government investigator is looking into all of this.  If this was the desert he would be BEAT UP or DEAD!  I'm trying not to drive my own self crazy with it.  I have way too many other things to deal with.  If this man does not come through he will be prosecuted, lose his house, and go to JAIL for GRAND THEFT AUTO!!!!---basically, he has not paid what he owes the auction?...I don't know and I'm just seeing what plays out.  He needs to get his stuff together or go to JAIL!

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